Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Big C

The CDC has recommended that every American born between 1945 to 1965 get tested for exposure to hepatitis C, which can lead to liver damage and liver cancer.

There are multiple reasons why those born in this age group are at risk including the sexual revolution and drug use experimentation.

I was born in 1959.

I don't have either of the risk factors noted above but I was in medical school from 1981-1985 and Universal Precautions were not firmly adopted until about 1987-1988. I had many exposures to patients blood and body fluids during the course of medical school and residency training.

Fortunately, I've always tested negative.

The test  for antibodies to hepatitis C did not become readily available until the mid 1990's.

It's estimated that if all baby boomers were tested, more than 800,000 infections would be detected. It's also estimated that 120,000 lives could be saved.

That's a lot of saves!

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