Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Needed: raiders of the lost art

Mr. K. is 78 years old.

He converted his garage into an art studio years ago and it's pack full of his beautiful drawings-pencil and water color (many framed, others not).

He lost count of the number years ago.

I would estimate easily in the few 100's.

A few years ago he exhibited many for a month at the local City Hall. Many of the drawings are from sites around town.

He's a widower. They had no children. He reports no living relatives.

He mentioned that he suspects whoever buys his house, when he dies, will just throw them all away.

He would love for them to be passed on.

I gave him some ideas on how to try to distribute many of his "master pieces" before he dies.

I hope he will look into some of the ideas.

I'll have a social worker see him to assist as well.

They belong on walls, not a dumpster.

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