Saturday, September 1, 2012

Go ahead, make my day

A colleague recently started to read this blog.

He sent me a simple note: "Bill, I have to say your blog is amusing, touching, and insightful. I hope you have lots of readers."

All three terms used, in the first sentence, are exactly why I enjoy writing. I enjoy humor, I enjoy reflecting on patient encounters and I enjoy putting these reflections down on paper. The social interactions with patients and the ability to witness how resilient most folks are has always been the most enjoyable and uplifting part, for me, of my chosen profession. It's a privilege.

I can't say the second sentence is true and that's OK. I've always told anyone who enjoys writing to just go ahead and start without having an expectation that anyone will read what you write. If/when they do, and drop you some feedback, however, it's much appreciated.

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