Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My poo is not worthy?

A treatment which involves the transplantation of human waste, to treat cases of C. difficle infection of the colon, continues to periodically be in the news.

C. difficle overgrowth is a bacterial infection that can lead to severe cases of colitis and has been linked to deaths as well.

C. difficle is usually kept in check by "good" bacteria in the bowel. Problems usually arise when a person is treated with strong antibiotics for an infection in the body. Sometimes the good bacteria are killed and the C. difficle is then able to flourish and cause symptoms.

The procedure involves getting a close relative of the patient, such as a sibling, to donate several days worth of stool. If the sample is negative for certain diseases, it's then mixed with saline to create a liquid feces that is administered through an enema or a colonoscope.

It brings up a question: How would the stool donor feel if he/she is told his/her sample is not acceptable?

A colleague stated he/she would just need to be told that "you're not worth a poop."

Now that's got to be a pretty bad day!

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