Sunday, September 23, 2012

The game of Life

Here are the latest life expectancy statistics for the United States:

Life expectancy at birth: Overall 78; Male 76; Female 81.

We're ranked 38th as compared to other Countries.

Japan is 1st: Overall 82; Male 79, Female 86 but there is some speculation that their data may be faulty (infant death being counted as stillborn, for example).

Regardless, there's not a huge difference among the top countries.

Greece is ranked number 20. Their overall life expectancy is just one year greater than ours at 79.

So what's the point.

Well, occasionally I overhear in depth discussions on how we need to improve the diet of, for example, a 92 year old male.

My viewpoint is that they should probably just continue whatever it is they have been doing up until now.

They have already won in the game of life (expectancy).

If they consume a huge bowl of ice cream every night my advice is simple: Continue to consume a huge bowl of ice cream EVERY night!

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