Sunday, September 30, 2012

Huff, The Magic Dragon

Mr. L., a 63 y/o, finally admitted to huffing.

Huffing is a common term used for inhalant abuse.

The staff at the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) where he lives had suspected possible abuse.

I previously went to see him there and he did have glue and computer-cleaning duster products around his room BUT he was also a hobbyist with a room full of electronic parts, old computers and models.

He denied huffing.

I believed him.

Last week he was literally caught by staff members with the straw of the computer-cleaning duster up his nose.

He admitted to a problem.

He didn't even try to convince the staff there was some dust up his nostril that needed to be cleaned.

Like most chemical addictions (difouroethane in computer-cleaning dusters), it's a pathetic way to spend your life.

We will try to get him some help but I'm not sure what the success rate will be in terms of long term abstinence.

If I can't find any data, I'll have to take a straw poll from some addictionologists.

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