Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shocking church services

A 64 year old male had been attending an evangelical church for a number of years but hadn't attended for the last few months.

During two different services, a few months ago, while in the midst of an altar call and some "raise the roof" music, his implanted defibrillator had fired.

On both occasions, he was dropped to the floor by the shock, and the rescue squad took him to the local hospital for an evaluation.

He's not sure what to do.

He's had the implanted defibrillator for the last four years and it had never discharged prior to these occasions.

His cardiologist confirms his defibrillator is working properly and is calibrated perfectly.

He has some options (stay at home, change churches, leave before the altar call) but he (after some more prayer) will need to decide for himself.

It's easy to understand the emotions that he's dealing with after, basically, being hit twice in the chest with a baseball bat during the most inspirational part of the services.

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