Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are you up?

I now work with a Program Support Assistant (PSA).

I've never worked with one before.

I usually check in with her whenever I get back to the office from seeing patients.

Today, on returning, I poked my head into her cubicle and announced, "I'm back."

When I thought about it later, it really was sort of a ridiculous statement.

I wouldn't have been surprised if she said, "you're back?...really, I wouldn't have known...I thought it was just someone who looked and sounded like you."

Later, I couldn't help but reflect on years ago when my grandfather used to call us very early at home on weekends when we were all trying to sleep in.

No matter who answered he would say, "are you up?"

It used to annoy my Dad. Often when he would hang the phone up he would say "of course we're up-he woke us all up by his call."

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