Friday, December 23, 2011

Tee time?

My 79 year old mother had cataract surgery yesterday on her right eye.

Everything went fine.

She opted to go for a lens that was covered with a standard co-pay, instead of the more expensive lens that could have possibly lowered her chance of needing corrective glasses (it would have been an additional $1000 out of pocket).

The office staff was putting the hard sell on for going with the more expensive lens.

She's been wearing glasses her whole life, so the thought of having to continue to wear glasses was not a concern.

In the recovery room, the ophthalmologist let her know the operation only took 8 minutes.

8 minutes!

Hopefully everything will continue to go well.

Perhaps the surgeon felt my Mom would be comforted or impressed by the 8 minutes.

On the contrary, you can bet she will only remember him telling her that if anything goes wrong with her vision in the years ahead.

My advice to all ophthalmologists: stop telling your patients about your speed.

Most elderly folks would prefer to think you took your time instead of setting a speed record or rushing through the procedure.

Some might wonder if you're rushing to get somewhere, such as the golf course.

You can continue to do it in 8 minutes...just don't tell them.

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