Saturday, December 10, 2011

His real co-pilot

I was honored to meet a  military hero recently. He had a thirty year career in the Air Force and flew over 650 combat missions!

He was stationed, with his wife and children, at multiple locations around the world during his career.

Three walls of his den serve as memory walls with plaques, pictures, awards, ribbons and other accolades honoring his career.

At the far left, on one of the walls, was an 8 & 1/2 X 11 framed Certificate of Appreciation (COA) to his wife.

It really caught my eye, even though it was just a sheet of paper in a simple black frame.

"In recognition of your support and cooperation in furthering the dedication, commitment and career of your spouse with the U.S. Air Force."

She was obviously proud her COA occupied this small spot on the wall and I think she was really happy I stopped to acknowledge it.

At first, for me, it didn't seem that the COA was "adequate" but soon after I could tell that she felt as if all the awards for her husband, on all the walls, were partly hers as well.

Very cool.

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