Monday, December 26, 2011

Good advice

It's always great to have family visiting for the holidays.

Often it's also a time to rehash stories.

Somehow, we got on the topic of our trip to Ireland last year.

At one point during our trip we had a choice of taking major roads to our next stop or taking a scenic route over the mountains.

We were at the National Horse Stud Farm and headed to Wiclow, on the east coast.

I asked an older Irish fellow selling ice cream if the roads to Wiclow, via the scenic mountainous route, were well marked.

He replied, "Oh no lad, you know Ireland, not atall (one word), but just take it slow...and hope for the best."

We did just that and have another life long memory.

We are all finally able to laugh while remembering the hair pin turns, narrow roads, near head-on-collisions with oncoming cars, and possible sheep around every turn, in the middle of the road, while driving on the opposite side of the road and operating a manual transmission, with my left hand, for the first time in my life!

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