Friday, November 11, 2011

A Veterans Day tribute

We have lived next to Louie (and his wife Mary) since 1993.

Louie was born 1/14/1918 and has been an amazing neighbor.

He's also a WWII veteran and was on the 2nd wave of the Omaha Beach Invasion.

He’s been a hard working man his whole life and has been married to Mary for about 70 years.

He retired from the post office as well.

His daughter, Rosie, literally lives right around the corner.

He has some great stories to tell about WWII, but only when asked.

He was a communication man during the invasion and when the LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) opened, Louie (a little over 5 foot tall) jumped into water a depth of 6 feet with a large spool of wire over his shoulder. He was sure he was going to drown.

In fact, Louie has always said to never believe anyone who says they weren't afraid in battle-they’re all lying.

Louie and Mary have always remembered our kids birthdays; Tom and Ellie always know to expect a card, on their birthday, with $1.00 in it.

Louie has ALWAYS tried to prevent me from hiring any help; whenever I've had an electrical or plumbing concern in my house he has always had the necessary tool available to fix it.

He still tries to get out for a ride on his tri-cycle everyday.

Happy Veterans Day Louie, you're the best!

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