Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A 1943 version of a match service

I met Mr. R. recently.

He's an 88 year old man that lives with his wife of 66 years (she's 84 years old).

His wife was from New Jersey and he was from North Carolina. They have three children.

Me: How did you meet?

Wife: When I was in high school we were all asked to write letters to U.S. service men overseas. I wrote to a fellow who was from my home town in New Jersey. He wrote back thanking me for the letter and let me know one of his buddies was real lonely and could also use a letter. I sent a letter to Elbert (her husband), he wrote back and we just kept on writing each other. We got married when he returned. I ran into the boy from my home town years later and we joked about it. He said, "I told you to write him, not marry him." We've had our ups and downs over the years but in general, have been so blessed.

Now that's an awesome story!

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