Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Another interesting thing about driving through some southern, rural areas of Florida (was at a horse show with my daughter this past weekend), are all the road side businesses, set up in the back of, usually, a pick-up truck.

I've asked a bunch of folks, but have never come across anyone who has tried the Boiled Nuts that are often for sale.

This past weekend there was one fellow who had placed hand made signs, every hundred yards or so, about his Nuts for sale:

"Just ahead, Boiled Nuts..Just ahead, Cajun Nuts...Hot Nuts soon...Ready for Nuts?...Nuts in 400 yards...Nuts in 200 yards...Nuts, almost here...STOP FOR NUTS NOW."

I love Nuts but how many Boiled Nuts can one eat?

Can these folks earn a living selling Nuts?

Are the Cajun Hot Nuts more expensive than the Boiled Nuts?

If anyone knows, please let me know.

I decided not to stop, but the unanswered questions are driving me Nuts!

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