Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Open mouth, don't insert foot

I saw a 39 y/o male recently.

Unfortunately, he had been out of work for two years and didn't seem overly motivated to find a new job.

He asked if I would check his knee due to some recent pain.

I asked if he had done anything recently in which he could have strained it.

He said he was on "vacation" last week and did more walking than usual.

Usually (but not always), I'm able to remind myself of a quote from Calvin Coolidge: "You don't have to explain something you never said."

Fortunately, I avoided the temptation and said nothing along the lines of, "but you've been on a vacation for the last two years."

His knee exam was fine. I suspected he had chrondomalacia of the patella.

I reviewed some OTC meds he could take, reviewed quadriceps strengthening exercises he should do and advised the use of a knee sleeve.

I said nothing more...phew!

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