Friday, July 1, 2011

The most expensive care anywhere

A 32 y/o male had been to the Emergency Room (ER) for lower abdominal discomfort.

Labs (blood and urine), as well as an abdominal and pelvic CT scan were normal.

I could not interpret the hand written medical record.

It didn't appear to include a physical exam.

The patient confirmed this observation.

No diagnosis or treatment was given.

He was told to see his primary care provider (me) the next day.

I did not know the ER doc.

On my exam, palpation of the epididymus of one testicle reproduced all his pain.

He was involved in a long term monogomous relationship.

He was told to use supporting underwear and given a prescription for an antibiotic (filled at a local grocery store for free).

A week later, on re-check, he was fine (cured!).

He had already received one bill from the ER for approximately $2200.00.

I decided not to let him know that additional bills (from the radiologist, etc.) would be arriving in the future.

Alrighty then...

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