Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pondering elective orthopedic sugery?

A quick recommendation:

If you are thinking about undergoing an elective orthopedic surgery (knee, hip, back, etc.), do not talk with anyone who is sitting in a doctors waiting room.

Often, if you do, you will find that it is someone who had the same procedure you are considering and who unfortunately, did not do well.

I always remind folks I see that this is why they are in the waiting room...they did not do well.

It's much better to talk with folks you meet shopping, socializing, fishing, golfing, traveling, etc.. They usually represent the subset of patients that underwent the procedure and were a success.

The vast majority of folks do well. Meeting them will allow you to be in a much better frame of mind while weighing the pros and cons of having an elective procedure performed.

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