Thursday, July 28, 2011

The day after a 91

Cool story...

Last week had a first visit with a 60 y/o male. He relocated to this area after separating from his wife (this is not the cool part of the story).

He's a golf pro and he's already employed by a local Country Club.

He became a pro at about age 40, after an almost 20 year career as a circulation manager for a major metropolitan newspaper.

I asked if he was ever on the tour (you know, the guys you see playing on TV).

Patient: I became a pro because I loved to play, but mainly because I loved to teach. I struggled with wondering if I should try to play on the tour or just continue to be a teaching pro. Finally, I qualified for an event. On the first day, I shot a 51 on the front nine and a 40 on the back nine. A 91 (for all non golfers that's 20 over par-a TERRIBLE round).  That night I wanted to quit because I was embarrassed. I then realized it was GODS way of letting me know playing on the tour wasn't for me. I felt this huge sense of relief. The next day I shot a 68 (a very GOOD score; three under par). Obviously, I didn't make the cut for the final two rounds, but felt great. I knew what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life; teach golf.

That's the cool part of the story!

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