Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Putting things back in perspective

A 25 y/o male was very concerned about "bumps" on his penis.

His exam was only notable for the complete absence of body/pubic hair (a finding that seems to be extremely common now in the younger generation due to long showers and a lot of time with a razor) and Tyson's glands, also known as pearly penile papules.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to reassure him that all was fine.

He questioned how he could go through the rest of his life deformed.

He questioned how he could be intimate in the future due to their presence.

He wasn't completely satisfied with my explanation, even after showing him a number of pictures from a dermatology web site and reviewing patient education sites.

A friend of mine is a dermatologist in the next building.

He offered to do a quick curbside consultation.

He used a dermatoscope (sounds higher tech than a magnifier with a light).

He agreed with my assessment.

He did not recommend treatment. It was such a mild case.

Finally, the patient asked the dermatologist, "isn't there some way to get rid of them permanently."

Yes...he replied, amputation.

After a brief pause we all laughed.

"I guess it's not so bad after all...thanks."

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