Monday, June 13, 2011

No wonder I'm always running late...

A 61 y/o male came in for a follow-up appointment.

Me: Good to see you. Anything new?

Patient: We've been doing a lot of traveling lately.

Me: That's excellent, do you go by car or do you have an RV?

Patient: We have an RV.

Me: That's great.

I then, for some reason, decided to go on a long tangent reminiscing about growing up with my Dad selling RV's, taking family trips in RV's, having a job cleaning the rental fleet, and how the gas crisis in the mid 1970's crushed the business for many years. I had a lot of fun talking about it. The patient didn't seem to mind.

Finally, I stopped to catch my breath.

Me: How did everything go with finding RV parks to stay at while you were traveling?

Patient: What do you mean?

Me: Didn't you need to plan ahead to make sure there would be an RV park whenever you stopped?

Patient: We would have if we took the RV. This last trip we went in my car, a new PT Cruiser. We stayed in hotels.

Me: oh...that's cool.

This was an immediate reminder why I'm always running late seeing patients. I've gotta stop talking so much!

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