Monday, June 27, 2011

Looking at his possible future physique

My son is 16 and has been hitting the weights.

He got serious about weight training last year when he had a high ankle sprain and wasn't able to run for a couple of months.

He's been getting "pumped" at the "Y."

He hasn't met a mirror that wasn't a friend lately.

His usual household attire is a pair of boxer shorts.

Recently, my wife decided that she wanted him to wear a shirt while we were eating dinner.

My wife: Tom, go put on a shirt.

Tom: No Mom, I'm fine.

My wife: Tom, go put on a shirt. I would really like you to put on a shirt.

Tom: Mom, I'm fine. I'm more comfortable without a shirt.

I sit directly in front of him at the dinner table.

I hadn't yet joined in with the conversation. I took my shirt off.

Tom: Dad, come on, put your shirt back on (he could barely look at me-he had a disgusted expression on his face).

Me: No, I'm fine.

Tom: Come on Dad, you never have your shirt off (still with a disgusted look on his face). Your nips are breaking the plane of the table!

We all laughed.

Me: Tom, I'm more comfortable without my shirt (a complete lie-I still look OK by candle light but not under our bright kitchen lights).

Tom gets up, walks back to his bedroom and re-joins us wearing a shirt.

Me: Wow, that worked a lot better than I thought it would!

Maybe even better than I thought it would. Not sure it's a great thing that my son was so visibly disgusted looking at me without a shirt. Probably since we have photos of me when I was his age and we look so much alike. He was looking at his possible future and didn't like what he saw! Guess I better hit the gym harder and try to drop a few pounds!

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