Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just three weeks shy

A shell exploded right next to Mr. O., while a commander of a small Army troop that had engaged the Germans, in Czechoslovakia, on 4/16/1945.

He lost his right arm and both lower legs to amputations in a field hospital.

The war with the Germans ended on 5/8/1945.

Mr. O. is now 91 years old.

After rehabilitation, he went to college, law school and then to a long career representing Goodwill Industries all over the United States.

He raised 4 children, all college graduates, and has 13 grandchildren. 

He remains thankful to the doctors, nurses and medics who saved his life on that memorable day, approximately three weeks before the end of the war.

He has accomplished amazing things with his resiliency, drive, motivation and his trusted left arm and hand.

His life is an inspiration.

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