Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Not so elementary, my dear Watson"

In my quest to be time efficient, I often jump to conclusions.

When I smell tobacco smoke on a patient or in their surroundings, I'll often just ask, "so how much do you smoke?"

The patients often seem impressed by my detective skills (and I give myself a pat on the back).

Sometimes, I'm wrong with my assumptions.

While seeing Mr. B. in his apartment (on the 12th floor of a lower income housing tower) recently, I noticed pictures and models of airplanes everywhere, and the Air Force logo on one.

Given my keen sense of observation (and my knowledge that he had been in the military), I asked,"what years were you in the Air Force (I'm quite the sleuth...aren't I?)?"

Much to my surprise he stated, "I wasn't in the Air Force, I was in the Navy."

"Oh," I said, "I just noticed all the airplanes and the Air Force insignia."

"Oh yeah, " said Mr. B., "they're all from another veteran who died in this building a few years ago. He was in the Air Force and his son knew we didn't have any decorations in our apartment, so he gave them to us as a gift."

"Oh...that sure was nice," was all I could add, while envisioning my Sherlock Holmes hat being snatched off my head!

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