Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jill of all trades

Mr. D., a 62 year old, had a stroke almost one year ago.

He has significant residual deficits but has made amazing progress.

His girlfriend for the last 6 years is Donna (she's about his same age).

She has stuck with him despite his health and impairments.

She moved in with him, into his single wide mobile home, to be his caregiver.

While Donna was showing me the book of vital signs she keeps on Mr. D., she let me know she was a Nurse when she was younger.

When we found out we had grown up in a similar area of New York, she let me know she had been a live-in housekeeper for an elderly woman for a few years, before she went to nursing school.

When I asked how she and Mr D. got together, she let me know they met while she was working as a cook at his favorite restaurant (it was her job after she retired from nursing).

I left their home feeling as if Mr. D. was in great hands.

He is loved unconditionally by a woman who has an impressive resume to excel in her current "job" as a caregiver.

He's a lucky man and it was clear to me that he was well aware, and very appreciative, of that fact.

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