Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another casualty of the war

Mr. D. was a relatively young married man when he joined the Air Force during WWII.

His son was 8 months old when he left home to serve.

He was gone for almost three years.

He spent the last part of the war serving as a supply officer on Biak Island.

The Battle of Biak was part of the New Guinea campaign of WWII fought between the United States and the Japanese from May 27th, 1944 (when General MacArthur and U.S. troops landed) until the U.S. victory on June 22nd, 1944.

Biak Island then served as a vital airfield that was used by U.S. planes to attack the Japanese fleet in the Philippines.

When Mr. D. returned home his son was almost 4 years and he and his wife had grown apart.

They got a divorce.

It's evident that Mr. D., at age 91, still feels pain from this loss.

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