Saturday, March 3, 2012


Gloria is the wife of a patient of mine.

Her 66 year old husband, Mr. B., is quite ill, and has been for many years.

Gloria did not finish high school, but like so many other caregivers, has more than earned her honorary nursing degree.

Gloria keeps their efficiency apartment as clean as possible, handles all the finances, often down to the penny every month, does all the shopping, meal preparation, and laundry, in addition to doing a great job of caring for her husband.

They never had children and have no living relatives in the area.

She sleeps on a small couch every night, so as not to crowd Mr. B..

When I asked how long she has been sleeping there she replied, "only for a little over 4 years."

With all the problems in our society that we witness, read or hear about about every day, I always leave an encounter like this feeling uplifted by the personal, unselfish, caring acts, of so many individuals like Gloria.

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