Saturday, March 10, 2012

Collector of mangers+ long life=a lot of mangers

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. O., a 91 year old, in his home recently.

I did the history and most of the physical exam while we were in his living room.

He maneuvered easily around his home in an electric wheelchair.

Periodically, he would excuse himself to go check on his wife, who was in another room.

Her paid caregiver needed a few hours off to take care of a personal matter.

In his absence, I had the opportunity to look around the room.

The living room had Christmas mangers everywhere.

They had two large glass curio cabinets with 5-6 shelves each filled with mangers.

Manger carvings, manger pictures, manger snow globes, manger picture frames, manger light shades, manger light switch plates, manger figurines, mangers made of wood, glass, and plastic, etc..

When Mr. O. returned to the room I stated, "You all sure have a lot of mangers."

He reported, "we started collecting them years ago and have lived a long's been sort of our thing over the years...I guess we've gone a little overboard."

"No, not at all," I added, "every couple needs a thing. It's really pretty amazing."

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