Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too cluttered vs too clean

I saw Mr. H. today.

He's an 90 year old widower, who has lived in the same comfortable home for many years. It's very cluttered (some might even say dirty) and is also home to his MANY cherished memories and photographs from over the years.

He's in poor health but appears to be in great spirits.

With the help of his son, who lives nearby, a home health aid 5 days/week and amazingly helpful/friendly neighbors, he remains at home and hopes to die there.

I met Mr. S. yesterday.

He's an 87 year old widower, who has lived in an efficiency apartment at an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) for the last year. It's a beautiful facility. His one room is VERY clean and uncluttered and is also home to just two pictures-one of his son/granddaughter and one of his deceased wife.

He's in poor health and appears to be depressed.

His only son and granddaughter visit very rarely since they dropped him off at the ALF. He's sure he will die in his room.

Would you prefer your final days to be like Mr. H. or like Mr. S.?

I would prefer the clutter!

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