Sunday, February 26, 2012

B&B since 1946

Bob and Betty have known each other since being kids, growing up in a small town in Ohio.

Their parents were good friends.

They both served in the Navy during WWII.

Bob was a Seabee (see yesterdays post) and Betty was in the Hospital Corp.

They got married shortly after the War, in 1946, raised three children and also have 4 grandchildren.

Bob worked for a metal production company throughout his career.

Betty, in addition to being a homemaker, served as a local hospital volunteer and was the choir director at church.

"She really had an amazing voice," Bob lets me know, "I always sang in her choir...but the only reason I was able too was because she was my wife!"

I'm sure Betty would have never excluded him; they've been partners for 66 years.

Bob's in much better health these days than Betty, but "team B&B" still remains strong.

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