Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The Orlando Sentinel reports: police arrested four suspects in Sunday's fatal shooting of three members of the Warlocks motorcycle club. The shooting occurred at the VFW post in Winter Springs.

Officers quickly detained 12 people, including four men identified as members of the "Philly" Warlocks, who were later charged with the multiple counts of murder.

A search of the dozen detainees and the parking lot recovered 13 firearms, 23 knives and other weapons.

The Florida Warlocks insignia is a symbol of a Phoenix rising from the ashes as their national symbol. Their mottos (according to Wikipedia) include: "our business is none of your fuc-ing business," "To find us, you must be good; to catch us, you must be fast; to beat us, you must be kidding,"and "Warlocks forever, forever Warlocks." Their colors are Black, Red and Yellow.

The "Philly" Warlocks insignia is a Harpy, a legendary winged creature in Greek mythology best known for constantly stealing all food from Phineus. I won't record their motto here. Their colors are Red and White.

The paper reports that men representing a Warlocks chapter in Philadelphia arrived in Central Florida several months ago and planned to start their own chapter.

Obviously a turf battle was looming,

All involved appear to have been well armed Warlocks (WAW).

All the men ranged in age from their late 30's to early 50's.

Unfortunately, I suspect similarly aged members from both clubs will be getting newspaper reports, and obituaries, in the weeks to months ahead.

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