Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling kicked in the groin

I saw the big billboard again today on the interstate that advertises "Vasectomy: No-Scalpel and No-Needle."

I was finally able to see the website address so I checked it out this evening.

Under the technique section are the following lines:

"An anesthetic solution is injected with a tiny needle to numb the scrotal skin and the vas tubes if the topical spray-on anesthetic is not adequate."

"The Dr. uses the No-Scalpel technique, exposing each vas in turn through tiny openings in the frontal scrotal walls. The tiny openings are made with a pointy hemostat."

"Once each vas tube is lifted through the small skin opening, it is divided under direct vision with fine surgical scissors. The ends of the divided vas are then placed out of alignment by applying a tiny clip to the sheath surrounding the vas."

I think the ad needs to be changed to the following:

"Vasectomy: No Scalpel (Pointy hemostat, Surgical scissors & Tiny clips only)and No-Needle (unless a tiny needle is needed for better anesthesia)."

I had a Vasectomy back in the Scalpel and Needle days.

The surgery, for me, wasn't the painful part.

The post-op feeling of being kicked in the groin for a few days was the most memorable part for me.

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