Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quality time

Yesterday was a beautiful day-perfect, weather-wise.

It was the last game for my son's fall club soccer season.

It may be his last, ever.

High School try-outs start tomorrow and he's not sure if he will play for his club team in the spring.

He likes being a goalie but few would ever consider it to be a fun position.

Next year, he's off to college.

My wife and I have spent many a weekend traveling to and from games for him.

It's potentially another last for us as well.

It's something all involved parents are faced with and need to accept.

Folks without children often have a hard time understanding the amount of time invested into children.

It's sometimes even harder to explain to them why you would possibly miss spending most of your free time taking your kids to and from his/her chosen sports/hobbies.

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