Friday, October 26, 2012

Grandi sapori (tastes great)!

Mr. G. is in his late 80's.

He grew up in Rochester, NY.

He reported an Aunt and Uncle started the Ragu company many years ago in Rochester.

"Ragu," by the way, means meat sauce in Italian.

He reported taking bottles to different shops around town on the back of his bicycle and leaving them there on consignment.

When their stock increased, which was mainly dependent on the number of bottles they could obtain, he reported often helping his Uncle sell them from the trunk of his car.

It was quite a story with remarkable details because, obviously, he was there.

He does have some cognitive impairments, however, so I decided to do some fact checking on my return home.

Sure enough, information available on the internet reports "in 1937, on the streets of Rochester, Giovanni and Assunta Cantisano, their son Ralph and relatives started selling their homemade Ragu brand door-to door."

Mr. G. was 11 years old in 1937 and was a relative.

Unlike President Obama and Governor Romney during the Presidential debates, all his facts checked out.

I'm also sure he has had his fair share of amazing Italian food over the years!

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