Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wanting to give Zoots the boot

Mr. G.'s history lesson continued.

"I was sort of black-balled in the business industry for a number of years because I wore a Zoot Suit (a men's suit, that became popular in the 1940's, with high-waisted, wide-legged, tight cuffed, pegged trousers, and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders) and so did my friends."

For some reason, I just nodded and in doing so, pretended I knew what he was talking about.

Some quick research revealed that due to the amount of material required to make Zoot Suits, the U.S. War Production Board said that they wasted materials that should be devoted to the World War II effort. It was considered unpatriotic in wartime and was a factor in the Zoot Suit Riots.

The U.S War Production Board was in operation from 1/16/1942 until it was dissolved in 1945 (just after the surrender of Japan).

It was given the task of regulating the production of materials and fuel during WWII.

It would seem that their concern regarding the Zoot Suits arose during a time when, for whatever reason, they had a lot of free time on their hands.

If not, and if they were still operating today, think how busy they would be given today's style of clothing.

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