Saturday, June 16, 2012

No high-school soccer for you...but a job for me!

A local soccer club made an announcement today. The club was granted entry into the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), widely considered the top youth girls soccer league in the country.

They also announced that any player who joined one of its 14-18 year old ECNL teams would not be permitted to play for their high-school team.

The executive director noted, "the only motivation behind our decision is fear of burnout and the high potential for career-threatening injuries through over training and over-play."

I'm good at reading between the lines. What I heard him say is, "we have been able to create full time jobs for ourselves, in this poor economy, and we want to do everything to ensure our job stability for the foreseeable future. We don't care that we are taking away a time honored tradition of playing for and representing your high-school."

My wife stated years ago that "kids don't ruin sports, parents and coaches ruin sports for kids."

This is just another example.

Frankly, it's pathetic.

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