Friday, June 15, 2012

Fake weiners and bladders for sale

I usually perform random urine drug screens on patients who are on chronic narcotics to make sure they are not taking other substances of abuse (marijuana, cocaine, etc). In preparing a brief talk on urine drug screens, I came across the following statement in an article that discusses patients who are trying to beat the system (pass the test when they are worried they might/would otherwise fail):

“In situations where observed voiding (the sample is obtained while being watched) is mandatory for the urine collection, urinary collection techniques can be quite sophisticated. An artificial penis with an electronic, temperature-controlled urine reservoir can be purchased online.”

A quick search revealed the ability to purchase the "Original Whizzinator" online.

There's one additional reason for drug abusers to sleep better at comes in either Flesh, Black or Latino colors to make sure it looks authentic while in hand.

I keep thinking I've heard it all...

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