Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looked pretty darn good on the surface

I went to see Mr. C. today.

He's 80 years old and lives with his wife in a beautiful, lakeside, senior mobile home park in Leesburg, Florida.

All the lawns were perfectly manicured and the facilities looked great, practically brand new, even though the community was already 17 years old (they were some of the initial residents).

After I was there for awhile I asked, "this sure seems like a great place to live. How did you find it?"

Mrs. C.: We saw an advertisement announcing a new lakeside senior independent-living retirement community where everyone would be friends and everyone would be able to help each other. Well that's a bunch of bunk, I'll tell ya. The reason why all the facilities look so great is because no one ever uses them. It's always too dang hot and were all too dang old. This place is full of old people who need help. When one of us gets sick and needs help the neighbors can't help because they are all old, sick and already need help as well.

I wanted to ask her how she really felt but luckily decided it wouldn't be the prudent thing to do.

I just made a mental note to cross this place off my list for a possible retirement home.


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