Friday, June 8, 2012

An uplifting exchange

I've seen many couples in my office, over the years, with very disrespectful communication.

More than once I've witnessed variations of the following exchange:

Wife #1: Tell the Doctor about your problem!

Patient #1: It's alright, everything is fine.

Me (directing a question to the wife): Is there anything you want to say?

Wife: He can't get it up anymore! It's like a limp noodle! Something has got to be done about it!

Patient #1(with his head down): Yeah, it's been a problem...

That's why the following recent exchange was so nice:

Me: Is everything alright?

Patient #2 (looking at his wife): Can you help explain things to the doctor?

Wife #2: Sure, Honey (looking at her husband and then toward me), his penis seems to have a short attention span lately, especially since he started on that new medication...

By the way, #2 had a much better outcome, with appropriate interventions for erectile dysfunction, than #1...I doubt you're surprised by that.

I wasn't surprised either.

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