Saturday, December 7, 2013

One-armed bandits

I hadn't seen Mr. A. for awhile but he just sort of seemed out of it.

He was still in bed when I got to his house at about 10 AM.

He's a 78 y/o male who had a previous major stroke but I was worried he had something acute taking place that was making him so drowsy.

After examining him and looking for signs of infection I relayed my concerns to his wife who had been standing next to me the whole time.

"I'm a little worried about your husband. I'm thinking I might need to run a few tests to try and see if everything is alright," I said to Mrs. A..

"Oh he's OK," said Mrs. A., "he just had an exciting night. We didn't get back from the Hard Rock Casino until a few hours ago. He's just still sleepy. He didn't get to bed until almost 4 AM."

She let me know that he could still play the slot machines without any trouble (his previous stroke had "only" left him paralyzed on one side of his body).

I sure wasn't expecting her comment.

I hadn't mentioned noticing the new handicapped accessible mini-van in their drive-way so I guess Mrs. A. decided not to mention being out so late partying.

I left their home sort of grinning to myself.

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