Sunday, December 22, 2013

Electromagnetic Joe

When asked if he's still preparing his own meals, 91 year-old Joe C. reports that his nickname for many decades has been "microwave Joe."

His daughter either makes meals for him that he can re-heat in the microwave or purchases ready made meals for which he can do the same.

He thinks he might have had one of the original microwave ovens.

He remembers it being called the "Radarange."

Some quick research shows that, in 1967, Raytheon offered for sale the first popular in home countertop microwave oven; the "Radarange."

It sold then for almost $500, close to roughly $4000 in today's dollars.

So it's easy to make a couple of conclusions:

1. Since about age 49 he's been microwave Joe
2. Back then he was rolling in the dough!

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