Monday, August 19, 2013

An uplifting lunch

My wife and I had a somewhat emotional good-bye at about noon Saturday with our usually tough and seemingly self confident son.

He had a difficult week leading up to the start of his first year in College-our family dog of 13 years died the day prior to leaving and he was also being separated from his girlfriend of almost two years. As we left to drive back home he was upset and questioning his decision to enroll. He missed lunch to try and compose himself prior to an afternoon class meeting.

It was a silent ride home for my wife and I.

He texted us at about 250 PM to let us know he was feeling much better.

My wife called him back.

After the meeting he went to get lunch.

The woman at the front register told him the cafeteria was closed to get ready for dinner.

As he turned to walk away she asked if everything was alright.

He said that he was fine but was just hungry because he hadn’t had anything to eat since about 8AM.

She told him to “come on in and get yourself some food."

My wife and I really feel this simple act of kindness played a significant role in helping him through a difficult transition and we are very thankful.

I don’t know the name of the woman, unfortunately, but this simple and kind gesture did not go unnoticed.

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