Sunday, January 20, 2013

True or untrue?

The National Care Planning Council has a website with some thought provoking sections.

The American Perspective on Aging and Health and Americans' attitudes on Aging is one such section:

"American society in general glorifies youth and fears or even despises old age. This is not the case in many other societies where age is associated with wisdom, knowledge and special status. In films and on TV old people are often depicted as weak, indecisive, bumbling or even comic. It is rarely that we see older people depicted as decisive, strong, or as leaders. Retirement is presumably a reward for many years of dedication and hard work, but the underlying philosophy is more likely based on the idea that older workers are no longer productive or useful. Instead of taking the role as leaders in their families or in the community as is the case in some countries, the elderly in our country, even after successful careers in earlier years, simply become invisible. They waste their prodigious talents traveling, entertaining, socializing, watching TV or playing golf."

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