Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"My" last high school soccer game

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little sad that my, I mean my son's, final high school soccer season is over. His team lost Thursday night in the semifinal round of the playoffs-a game that was tied 0-0 after regulation, two ten minute overtimes, and a first round of penalty kicks (both goalies-my son is a goalie-only let in 3 of 5 PK’s). They then lost on sudden death penalty kicks 2-1. The game took three hours to play.

Not that I kept track or anything but here are our, I mean his, final stats for the season:

In 18 games (they played 19 but he missed one game due to a back injury):

Had 9 shutouts

Allowed only 17 goals or 0.944 goals/game

In the 9 games against conference opponents:

Allowed only 6 goals or 0.66 goals/game

My son was obviously disappointed but by the next day was already talking about hooking back up with his ultimate Frisbee team, playing basketball with his buddies and hitting the weights again to get “jacked.”

It will take me a little longer to get over it!

Thanks in advance for all your sympathies!

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