Saturday, January 5, 2013

Expense account?

‎"Taxpayer Bill for Obama’s Hawaii Vacations: $20 Million"

"Calls to several Presidential libraries reveal that President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was on vacation more — 1,020 days — than any U.S. President since Herbert Hoover and possibly more than any other President in history"

"It's estimated that $246,908 of taxpayer money was spent on President and Mrs. Obama's Valentines Day date to Chicago in 2009"

"In 2008, the total estimated cost for Camp David services was 7.9 million"

"It's estimated that it costs $187,757/hour to operate Air Force One"

"It's been reported that President Obama's dog handler gets paid $102,000/year"

"It's estimated to cost 47 million/year to protect the President"

"It's estimated to cost $32,140/hour for the the cargo plane that accompanies Air Force One"

"As of 2011, the president earns an annual salary of $400,000 per year, plus a $50,000 non-taxable expense account. The presidential salary had been $200,000 since 1969, but in 1999, President Bill Clinton doubled the salary to its current level before President George W. Bush took office. The president's salary is subject to income tax. The non-taxable expense account is generally used to cover the costs of meetings or events that are not sponsored by a government department or agency. Any money from the expense account that is not used within a calendar year is returned to the Treasury Department"

I wonder how much of the $50,000 non-taxable expense account is returned to the Treasury Department each year? It might really help cut the deficit!

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