Friday, April 20, 2012

Stepping up to the plate

Mary L. is a 57 year old accomplished ball room dancer and instructor.

She never married and doesn't have any children.

She has kept an incredibly busy schedule over the years and has traveled extensively.

4 months ago she helped to rescue her parents.

Her 90 year old Dads dementia progressed to the point that her Mom was considering Nursing Home placement.

He has incontinence and like many folks with advanced dementia (due to being dis-inhibited), he has become LOUD and bossy and uses inappropriate language.

She had her parents move in with her.

Her life and daily chores/responsibilities have dramatically changed.

She's committed, however, for the long haul.

"I know you can't really tell it now but my father was always such a gentleman. It's hard for my Mom to understand but no so much for me. Having them here, surrounded by all our family pictures, also helps to remind me what great parents they have been and how lucky I was to have their support in leading such a privileged life. It's the least I can do to pay them back."

Now that's awesome.

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