Thursday, April 19, 2012

The right thing

I leave home most weekday mornings at about 5:30 AM; prior to anyone else in my family getting up.

This morning, our dog had escaped from the kitchen (where she was spending the first night home from the vet after a bout of pancreatitis) after peeing everywhere and then gnawing away at the gate until it gave free and dropped to the ground. She was lying in her usual spot, in the living room (where her dog bed usually resides), much to my surprise.

On seeing the sight before me, in the kitchen, I had two choices.

1. Continue to sneak out of the house and leave all as is-after all, no one would know it happened before I had left for the morning or
2. Clean up

Appropriately, I choose #2 but I do have to admit, choice #1 was very tempting!

"Good" Bill won out again!

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