Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little over 80 years ago

I went to an excellent talk today on suicide in the elderly.

It brought back a memory from a few years ago when we flew into Rochester N.Y. to start a trip touring upstate NY and Canada.

We started with a tour of the George Eastman ("Mr. Kodak") estate in Rochester.

He was a successful and wealthy man, a world traveler and a philanthropist.

Unfortunately, he developed a condition called spinal stenosis and spent the last few years of his life miserable and in pain.

He committed suicide on March 14, 1932 at age 77.

His suicide note was on display in a case and was incredibly short (especially considering the amazing life that he led): To my friends-My work is done-Why wait?

The official report states that he placed a folded towel over his chest and shot himself with an automatic Luger.

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