Thursday, April 12, 2012

The circle dancer

An 86 year old man and an 87 year old woman have been married for 40 years (Mr. and Mrs. M.).

It's the second marriage for both.

Me: How did you all get together?

Mrs M.: He was somewhere he shouldn't have been and I was somewhere I should have.

Me: What do you mean?

Mrs. M.: It was a dance for singles. I had lost my husband, Bill, the year before but he was still married. He was separated from his wife, but still married. I would have never danced with him if I knew he was still married.

Me: He must have been a great dancer.

Mrs. M.: No he wasn't. He pretty much only danced with one leg so he tended to go in circles.

Mr. M. heard every word and just smiled and nodded his head in agreement. I'm sure he's heard the same story told a lot of times over the years.

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