Saturday, November 2, 2013

Knowing they are loved

A good friend recently commented, after reading a post in this blog (Home sweet home), that he has always felt guilty about placing his Mother in a nursing home prior to her death.

I completely understand how he's feeling.

My Dad also spent some time in a nursing facility before he died.

I've often felt guilt as well.

Every situation is different.

Not all families have the ability to keep a loved one at home.

Sleep deprivation and other issues (behavioral issues of Dementia (outbursts, impulsivity, loss of social graces, etc.), sun-downing, absence of multiple caregivers, etc.) can completely wear the most motivated of caregiver(s) down and render attempts at home care more problematic and dangerous than care in a nursing facility.

My mother spent a considerable amount of time at his facility everyday as did my brother who lived relatively near-by.

Given a multitude of factors however, including the ones mentioned above, keeping my Dad at home near the end of his life was not possible for us.

I'm sure my friends Mother knew how much she was loved, as did my Dad.

This is the most important thing at the end of life.

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