Monday, April 29, 2013

Try to make each day great!

My son is broke.

He's 18, a senior in high school and looking for summer employment.

He and a friend went to the beach this past Saturday. They packed a lunch and just hung out for a few hours.

He had a great time.

I spent part of the same day paying bills, doing yard work, a few loads of laundry and running some errands.

It was a productive day but it wasn't a great day.

Years ago I read a book by Dr. Bruce Baldwin entitled Getting Better Together: Living the good life with someone you love.

In the book he makes the statement that "as our standard of living increases, our quality of life often declines."

Quality of life is measured with moments of joy, not material possessions.

Obviously with maturity, a job and a family comes a lot of responsibility that my son hasn't dealt with yet.

But it's a good reminder to ALWAYS try and do something to make it a great day.

I plan to re-dedicate myself to this concept.

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